Traffic safety

Traffic safety
Traffic safety

The company's installed metal barriers can be found on all major Lithuanian roads and on many bridges and overpasses. Protective roadside barriers keep vehicles away from roads, bridges, overpasses, obstacles, and traffic in front of them. Protective barriers can be beam, cable and parapet. The company specializes in the installation of metal beamed barriers, which are the most commonly used in the country. Beamed barriers are metal beams with metal uprights, every 1.33, 2 or 4 meters in the ground. Sectional safety network shafts deform in the collision and absorb some or all of the impact collision, thus preserving the driver’s and passengers’ lifes. 

Together with the protective roadside barriers, front wall elements can also be installed. These front-facing barrier elements perfectly protect drivers from driving lights in front of the car, do not blind the driver, making the traffic smoother and safer.

The Company also produces fences from wild animals, acoustic noise suppression walls and other road safety measures.

The installed metal elements are in compliance with Lithuanian Standards LST EN 1317 - 1,2,3 and Building Recommendations R 37-01 "Road Safety Shelters".


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